Accredited calibration of humidity sensors

Make sure that your company’s moisture metres and sensors are functioning correctly by having them calibrated at FORCE Technology.

Correct humidity measuring is a determining factor in many situations. If the moisture content, in e.g. a production or a laboratory is not at the required level, it could have serious consequences for products and processes. Therefore, it is important that your company’s humidity measuring equipment measures correctly every day of the year.

You can be certain that your sensors measure accurately within accepted measurement uncertainties by having them calibrated at regular intervals. We are a market leader within calibrating of humidity sensors, and is designated by the Danish Safety Technology Authority, as national reference laboratory for airborne humidity. Moreover, we are accredited by DANAK, to carry out calibration of humidity sensors, and a range of measurements. We guarantee complete traceability and quality assured calibration.

We perform calibration of:

  • Humidity and temperature instruments
  • Data loggers and sensors
  • Mirror hygrometers
  • Psychrometres
  • Sensors for low dewpoints measurements (down to -75 °C)
  • Hair hygrometers
  • Thermal hygrographs

Furthermore, we offer guidance about humidity measuring. We assist in troubleshooting and with identifying solutions to obtain full control over the humidity content in the production and processes.

Strategic advantages

With an accredited calibration of humidity sensors, you will gain a variety of strategic advantages:

  • High assurity for accurate measurements
  • Fewer breakdowns and product failures due to incorrect humidity content
  • Reduced cost in connection with warranties and complaints

We offer

FORCE Technology has many years of experience with measurement and calibration within the humidity area. We have advanced facilities and high class equipment that offers some of the market’s best and most knowledgable experts within measuring of air humidity.

By choosing FORCE Technology for calibration of your humidity sensors, you will obtain:

  • Accredited calibration
  • Accuracy of the highest international class
  • Full traceability
  • Clear documentation
  • Access to the latest knowledge about standards, via our active participation in standardisation working groups.


With our high measuring accuracy, we can satisfy even the most stringent requirements from industries such as:

  • Medico
  • Laboratories
  • Marine and offshore
  • Automotive
  • Industry and automisation
  • Agriculture and food
  • Building and construction
  • Military and aerospace
  • Telecommuncations and electronics


Location: Hørsholm

Standards: IEC 62506, GMW8758


The service includes calibration within two main areas:

The wet area

  • Calibration of dewpoint, temperature and relative humidity
  • Dewpoint interval: -10 °C to +82 °C
  • Air temperature interval: +15 °C to +85 °C

The dry area

  • Calibration of dewpoint
  • Dewpoint interval: -75 °C to +20 °C

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