Reliability & robustness

Accelerated reliability test

Ensure your product’s reliability with an accelerated reliability test, which simulates the product’s lifespan over a short period of time.

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Accelerated robustness test

Strengthen your product’s position in the market with an accelerated robustness test, which uncovers potential weaknesses quickly and efficiently, or verifies the product’s robustness under extreme conditions.

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Accredited climatic test

With an accredited climatic test at FORCE Technology, you can have your product tested over several parameters: Temperature (high and low), humidity (constant and cyclic), thermal shock, corrosion, as well as ice accumulation.

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Accredited mechanical test

FORCE Technology’s mechanical test provides you with documentation demonstrating that your product can withstand the conditions it will be exposed to during normal use.

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Accredited ingress protection test (IP test)

At FORCE Technology you can get your products tested and classified to the degree of protection (IP code) an enclosure provides against ingress of water and of solid foreign objects.

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Accredited packaging test

Packaging is part of your product and must be strong enough to protect it when it is transported from A to B. Get peace of mind with an accredited packaging test from FORCE Technology according to standards from ISTA®.

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Accredited calibration of humidity sensors

Ensure that your company’s humidity meters and humidity sensors are functioning correctly by having them calibrated at FORCE Technology.

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Tensile and fatigue test

Ensure that your product is sufficiently robust to withstand daily wear and tear with a tensile and fatigue test.

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Become part of an association, who shares knowledge about development of reliable and robust electronics products.

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