Electrical safety test

There are legal requirements to ensure that electrical and electronic products are safe in use.

A common misconception is that electrical safety evaluations are only required for products which are supplied by at least 50 Volt AC or 70 Volt DC. But these voltage limits are only defined if the Low Voltage Directive enters into force. A number of other directives also require electronic safety, such as the Medical Device Directive, the Radio Equipment Directive and the General Product Safety Directive. The latter specifies requirements of safe products if there are no other safety demanding directives, and therefore electrical safety evaluations must be performed on virtually all electrical and electronic products.

Manufacturers of electrical and electronic products are required to prove that the marketed products meet all applicable safety requirements. The requirements vary from market to market, and although countries in the EU have relatively harmonised rules and standards, there are national deviations from the rules outside the boarders of the European Union.

You can have your product tested for electrical safety at FORCE Technology. We offer accredited reporting on a number of safety standards for the EU and the rest of the world. You can also get clarity on whether your product has to go through some necessary updates before a safety standard is met. We offer a hands-on review of products and technical documentation so that you can make the necessary

Like all of our accredited tests, the documentation from the the electrical safety test can be used in the approval process. A demonstration of the relevant directive’s safety requirements is best done with a methodical, correctly conducted test, which is assured by our accreditation.

The most important points for us are that DELTA’s (DELTA is now a part of FORCE Technology, Ed.) tests are an impartial and competent approval of our product, which provides us with a good basis when we start to sell the products. The test procedure has also been educational for us, as the test has given us new information about our product.

— Christian Trobro

Product Safety & Liability Manager at ASSA Abloy

Strategic advantages

With an electrical safety test you will gain a number of strategic advantages:

  • Clear and effective documentation for CE marking or other types of approval of your product
  • Lower risk of product complaints and repair costs
  • Possibility to adjust the design prior to launch.

We offer

We are accredited to perform electrical safety test and has advanced test facilities for this purpose. We have some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable test experts who ensure that you end up with a complete and successful result.

With FORCE Technology as your test partner for electrical safety testing, you will get:

  • Accredited third-party test
  • Tests which are methodologically correct
  • Testing conducted according to the standards that are relevant to your industry
  • Expert advice on whether any adjustments are needed to the test procedure
  • Access to extensive knowledge about standards, via our active participation in standardisation working
  • The possibility to expand the testing to include other parameters.


We offer electrical safety testing of products within most industries, including:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Medical device and welfare
  • Machinery and production equipment
  • IT and telecom


Location: Hørsholm.

Standards: Typically tested in accordance with EN 60950-1 or according to your specifications.


DELTA’s accredited electrical safety test consists of two parts: First DELTA evaluates your design and documentation. When we have located all the
required documents and information, we conduct a detailed examination to assess whether your product meets the approval requirements.

At DELTA you get a checklist and a test plan so you can make the necessary preparations. Prior to the test, you will be given a written overview of what is needed for the test, e.g. software, auxiliary equipment, and design documentation.

As an added benefit, you can choose a half-day workshop where you be informed about the exact types of documentation that must be in place prior to approval.

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