Denmark is the centre of reliability in 2018

Denmark was well-known within the field of product reliability in the 1980s with professor Jørgen Møltoft’s research in the centre; now Denmark is winning back this reputation.

By Susanne Otto

For the past five years, Aalborg University (AAU) has been conducting research into the reliability of power electronics and since 2016, FORCE Technology has been working on a major project on reliable product development based on the Physics of Failure, not to mention the large amount of activity in the companies forming the experience exchange groups.

In 2018 Denmark will be the centre in the field of reliability. No less than three major conferences will be held on Danish soil, making it easier and cheaper for Danish companies to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and exchange experiences with international peers.

ARDC Europe conference

ARDC Europe (Applied Reliability and Durability Conference), which is held in Europe each year in April, is coming to Denmark in 2018. The conference is arranged by HBM Prenscia and will be held in Copenhagen 24-26 April. There are up to three tracks with interesting presentations from European companies and universities. The presentations will have an application-driven focus, and there will be plenty of practical cases in reliability, durability, quality, life cycle maintenance of assets and related topics.

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ESREF conference

On 1-4 October this year, ESREF (European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis) will return to Denmark after 20 years. The primary purpose of ESREF is to gather and update the European reliability experts at the highest international level. Aalborg University’s reliability group, led by the professors Frede Blåbjerg and Francesco Iannuzzo have arranged ESREF in AKKC – Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center.

“We are proud of being able to attract experts from across the world to Denmark,” says ESREF 2018 Chairman Francesco Iannuzzo. “This shows that Danish research can compete at the highest level around the area of reliability. We are working on the program as we speak, and there will be plenty of exciting initiatives. We are expecting more than 400 delegates, and we are currently in the process of arranging 3-4 workshops based on the hottest topics relating to today’s companies, including the automotive industry, aerospace industry and obviously renewable energy,” says Francesco Iannuzzo.

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Reliability and Physics of Failure

The grand finale of this big reliability year will be FORCE Technology’s conference “Reliable product development based on the Physics of Failure” on 31 October 2018. The theme for the conference will be how you can best exploit knowledge about the Physics of Failure in connection with the development of reliable products. Michael Pecht from CALCE at the University of Maryland is the lead speaker, and there will also be presentations from both companies and the project’s participants. As with earlier events, SPM’s members are invited to take part free of charge.

In addition to these three upcoming events, the IN SPE project, with DTU as organiser, has already held a conference about “Climatic reliability of electronics” in January 2018.

More info

For more information about the conferences or about product reliability in general, contact Susanne Otto, Senior Specialist, FORCE Technology, email, tel. no. +45 43 25 10 13.

This article was published in the SPM Magazine, March 2018.


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