Wind & energy

For decades, FORCE Technology has had a strong presence in the wind and energy sector. In particular, Danish industry and Danish authorities use FORCE Technology’s test services within legal metrology, EMC, reliability, and acoustics.

Our clients lead the way when it comes to energy management, smart grids, energy flow measurements, smart meters, wind energy, solar energy, energy from biomass, and yes, even cost and environmentally aware energy production based on fossil fuels.

Since the 1960s, we have developed its position as a competent and reliable supplier of independent test and advisory services for the entire wind and energy sector, and for the authorities. In addition, We are part of countless networks, working groups and other forums, where current and future regulatory requirements are negotiated and agreed, which ensures that we are always at the leading edge of knowledge. This provides FORCE Technology with a unique insight into the regulatory requirements of tomorrow, both from national and international legislators.

Reliability, reproducibility, and well-documented measurement results are of essential value in all development, in all types of tests and marking cases, in all certification and as documentation for the relevant authorities, showing that a device, machine, or plant complies with the applicable rules.

Our DANAK accreditation is a guarantee that you can be certain that FORCE Technology employees are well-qualified and know what they are doing. DANAK accreditation also means that at all times FORCE Technology is subject to a stringent external control, where the quality of our processes, equipment, and quality assurance systems are subject to examination by an independent third party.

Important standards

IEC 61400-11

BEK 1284

EMC Directive 89/336/EU

IEC 61000-4-XX

ICNIRP Guidelines



Relevant services

Approval Management

Robustness tests

EMC tests

Climatical tests

Mechanical tests

Accelerated life tests


Legal metrology

Process and quality management



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