Military & space

FORCE Technology prepares test specifications and carries out accredited tests of equipment for military purposes and equipment for use in space.

The requirements for products to be used in space or for military purposes are extremely stringent, as the products must be able to withstand extreme effects, which they are exposed to during a mission in space or in a war situation.

For decades, FORCE Technology has tested military equipment and equipment for use in space. We test in accordance with the MIL standards, which are very different from the EU’s basic EMC standards used in civilian environments.

The MIL standards often cover user environments in general, which means that the actual user environment must be further specified in relation to the product’s application. In other words, is the product intended for use on a vehicle, ship, plane or is it to be carried by military personnel.

Therefore, in collaboration with you, we can prepare a dedicated test plan and a detailed, customised test procedure to carry out MIL or space equipment testing. The test plan contains detailed information about how each individual test shall be carried out, stating the test levels and durations. In addition, the test object and its variants are described, so too are the performance criteria and relevant functional states during the testing.

Once the test procedure has been prepared, we carrie out the specified tests and presents the test results in an accredited report, which documenting that the requirements have been met.

We provide you with answers to questions like:

What do I do if my product is being installed in several user environments?

How do I choose the correct test levels?

How do I choose a suitable function test procedure?

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