Hearing aids (and technical audiology)

DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology is the world-leading test house for hearing aids. Since 1964, we have built up unique knowledge about hearing aids and testing of hearing aids, through which we ensure our clients can establish their products on the international market

To remain at the forefront of developments in the testing of technical audiological equipment, we are a member of several IEC/TC29 working groups involved in standardisation. We are involved in collaboration groups that are managed by the industry, and we share knowledge with the private and public sectors involved in hearing health care.

Furthermore, we function as a knowledge centre for technical audiology and approves and certifies over 300 private hearing aids dispensers in Denmark on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Health (for more details, visit www.audiologi.dk).

Our knowledge is sought by the public sector, the hearing health care sector, manufacturers, and academia.

We provide services within the testing of hearing aids, screening equipment, and auxiliary technical hearing aids, and we make our extensive expertise available as an advisor in connection with certification and accredited testing.

Important standards

IEC 60118-0

IEC 60118-1

IEC 60118-2

IEC 60118-6

IEC 60118-7

IEC 60118-15

Nordic Requirements 7th ed. §4 og §5

Nordic Requirements 7th ed. Annex A

ANSI S3.35

IEC 60118-13

ANSI C 63.19

AS/NZS 1088.9

IEC 60601-2-66

Relevant services

Electro-acoustic tests are carried out in accordance with IEC 60118, and are assessed in accordance with the Nordic Requirements Specification.

EMC tests are carried out in accordance with the IEC, AS/NZS, and ANSI standards in GTEM cell and Dipole testing, respectively.

Environmental tests are carried out using the effects of heat, cold, humidity, and vibration.

Basic safety and essential performance related testing, including bio-compatibility testing, drop testing, tampering testing, and validation of software documentation.

Battery tests are carried out as discharging of hearing aid batteries or as a simulated in-situ test, where selected hearing aids are stimulated acoustically while monitoring the battery voltage.

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