Automotive & transport

FORCE Technology’s automotive clients are a mix of companies, selling products to the automotive industry, and clients producing innovative products that change industry, e.g. from machinery products and industrial electronics, and thus suddenly must comply with rules that apply to automotive products.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you through the requirements specification, relevant testing, and final approval of your automotive product by the authorities.

If you are a developer or manufacturer of ‘retrofitting equipment’, we have the expertise to advise you about the choice of test strategy and to carry out the subsequent tests. ‘Retrofitting equipment’ can be for example, GRPS/GSM tracking, controls for equipment for people with special needs, retrofitted cranes on trucks, agricultural equipment, and equipment fitted to construction equipment.

Preparing a test strategy at the beginning of the project and carrying out evaluating tests through the development process, ensures that the product gains approval in the shortest possible time. At the final approval of the product, we have facilities to carry out the required tests methodically correct, supply an accredited report, and help you through the process of approval by the authorities to acquire the E mark.

Our facilities and instruments cover the most prevalent testing within the EU Directives/EN standards, ISO standards, and the United Nations UN ECE R 10 standard.

Important standards

Directive 2007/46/EU incl. 407/2011

Standard EN 50498, ISO 14982, ISO 13309, ISO 13766, ISO 11452-x

Vehicle manufacturer’s standards (customised tests)

UN ECE R10 Ed. 4

Relevant services

Approval Management for automotive products

EMC tests for automotive products

EMC HALT for automotive products

Accelerated tests – climatical, mechanical, and corrosion

Climatical tests – also according to vehicle manufacturer’s standards

Mechanical tests – also according to vehicle manufacturer’s standards

Corrosion tests – also according to vehicle manufacturer’s standards

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