DELTA manages 17 professional networks and participates in 100 standardisation groups.

Constant up-to-date

At DELTA, we are constantly up-to-date with technological trends and other trends affecting our clients. Within some of our areas of expertise, we also work wholeheartedly to influence future product standards. In our network, working groups, and professional organisations, we meet trend setters, decision makers, and our customers and their clients.

International and danish standardisation

DELTA participates in about 100 standardisation groups through the following organisations:

Dansk Standard, DS

European Civil Aviation Conference, ECACEuropean Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, CENELECEuropean Committee for Standardization, CENEuropean Cooperation in Legal Metrology, WELMEC

International Electrotechnical Commission, IECInternational Organization for Standardization, ISOInternational Organization of Legal Metrology, OIML


Both as a company and as individuals we are members of many professional organisations and forums. Some of these have a technological focus, while others focus on a particular industry.

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