About us

DELTA provides test services in a wide range of areas, including EMC, reliability, and wireless technologies.

Technological advice and testing in one location

We have developed our services within testing and technological advice, so that they meet our clients’ requirements..

Get access to specialist knowledge and thus gain a competitive edge

You will gain access to the latest technological knowledge. You can read a wealth of books, but it can be an advantage to work with people who have this knowledge and at the same time understand your situation and requirements.

Advising at all levels

DELTA provides advice and share knowledge in all of our areas of expertise. Our services cover everything from a couple of hours of high-tech advice, to long-term participation in your project.

Testing to have an optimal performance on the market

The authorities expect it and your customers take it for granted: Your product functions the way it is supposed to function. It is your responsibility to document that the product meets the requirements in the product standards, directives, or even the customer’s specification.

75 years of experience

DELTA has 75 years of experience in testing, with national and international accreditation within our areas of expertise.

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