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Typical challenges

How do I get my product approved?

How do I minimise faults and complaints?

When you work with the development of electronic products, you regularly experience challenging breakdowns and product failures.

Every day FORCE Technology helps more than 2,000 clients develop robust products, which must function in the real world. We advise clients about test strategies and carry out accelerated testing, which can troubleshoot and eliminate the weakest points in the products.

Accelerated testing is carried out in accordance with a strategy that is divided into phases, so that our clients acquire learning during the process. We call it extreme testing, and these tests can be performed for climatic, mechanical, corrosive, and EMC challenges.

Troubleshooting provides valuable answers to your questions:

Why does a control system, such as a motor control, have an unexplained and confusing failure when it enters into safe mode?

Why is there an unusually large number of recalled products or long service reports with very high failure rates and associated costs?

How can you demonstrate that a system will have the desired environmental properties?

How can you improve your prototypes before they are moved into product testing?

How can you demonstrate to your conservative customer that your product has unique durability?

How do I streamline the product development process?

Time-to-market is often a greater competitive parameter than the size of the development budget! FORCE Technology helps its clients achieve valuable insight and create systematic processes, which leads to successful product development.

How do I optimise the expected yield on the investment? This is a central topic for many of our clients. FORCE Technology helps improve your development department, based precisely on your company’s challenges.

We help you answer important questions:

Does your company’s development budget have a tendency to exceed deadlines and budgets?

Have you introduced sufficient numbers of new and innovative products to the market?

Are you looking for solutions that shorten time-to-market for your product innovations?

Is there sufficient benefit in the investments in new products from your development department?

Does your organisation use more time in remedying quality problems than in developing new products?

Where are you – in relation to best practice?

Where must you invest to improve productivity?

How do I strengthen the quality process during product development?

When you develop products for special sectors, such as medical equipment, LAN cable production and scales, not only are there requirements for the end-product, there are also requirements covering the product development processes.

FORCE Technology helps its clients with the development and auditing of Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the product development departments, so that clients can document their ability in product development.

Subsequently, FORCE Technology audits the clients and issues certificates to the end-customer, who wants an independent check of their supplier.

A significant quality parameter is calibrated test equipment and products. FORCE Technology helps its clients ensure their test equipment and products are correctly calibrated.

Can I have an indicative test carried out?

Every week, at FORCE Technology we see our clients carry out final accredited testing, where they regretfully admit that they should have carried out more indicative testing during the product development process.

From the analysis of more than 3,000 test cycles at FORCE Technology in 2013, 2014 and 2015, it is clear that the more indicative testing that is carried out by our clients, the greater the success of their final accredited approval testing.

We recommend to our clients that they early in the development process make a good requirements specification and a well-thought-out test strategy, so that the critical components and interconnected sub-systems are tested using indicative testing, before they are assembled into the end-product. This provides a faster and more secure development flow, saving many disappointments. And last but not least, it is less expensive when the final products do not require modification.

Indicative testing in accordance with a well-thought-out test strategy provides you with:

Greater certainty in knowing you are not building beyond your means through unforeseen design errors.

Protection against regrettable last-minute design changes that subsequently result in extra costs during the production phase.

Greater certainty in meeting deadlines.

Increased transparency in the final investment budget of the product development.

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